Technical Aspects of the Face-to-Face Data System

  • SQL server back-end
  • ASP.NET (C#) web front-end
  • Technology of the system administration tool kit relies on JavaScript libraries (jQuery, jQuery-UI)
  • Hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, or implemented on agency’s own server (individual agency choice)
  • Interfaces can be built as needed based on legacy system requirements
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are purchased and owned by the Tribal agency

System Standard Reports


The standard Face-to-Face forms include all ACFARS-F/A data-elements. The system is preconfigured to run a complete AFCARS report. If standard forms are changed, or updated to be agency specific, a data matrix will be created to map the appropriate reporting element to the new form.

Activity Note History Report

This report will provide a complete list of all activity (case) notes for a specific case. The notes can be filtered by date, or by note purpose (Home Visit, Court/Legal, etc.). Additional filters, such as Person, or Program, can be added at request of the agency.

Resource Capacity Listing

This report will provide a complete list of all Resource Homes/Facilities and the children that are currently placed there. Limited information on each placed child will also be displayed, such as Name, Case Number, and DOB.

Current Caseload by Staff Report

This report will provide a complete list of all staff in the agency and the number of cases currently assigned to them. Limited information on each case will also be displayed, such as Case Number, Primary Client Name, Latest Service Plan Date, and Intake Date.



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