Service Delivery Process Mapping

Face-to-Face Service Delivery Process Mapping…

Facilitate agency identified staff in designing efficient and effective standard service delivery processes specific to agency needs.

This Face-to-Face Integrated Technology signature service provides a comprehensive deliverable comprised of the full set of service delivery business process documentation; process maps, data collection forms and standard data definitions that are the building blocks for implementation of service delivery process changes, practice models, and when applicable, automated system design.

Services for Selection :
  • Service Delivery Process Mapping sessions using the proprietary “To Be” Solution Methodology
  • Forms and Template Design – Facilitating working sessions to review, revise, and/or create forms to meet the needs of process standardization.
Deliverables based on Selected Services :
  • Service Delivery Process Manual
  • Standardized Process Maps
  • Standardized Process Forms / Templates
  • Standardized Process Data Definitions
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