Child Welfare Mobile Fingerprint Scanning

Face-to-Face Integrated Technologies developed a mobile fingerprint scanning solution to address the need for timely and accurate documentation of the required monthly face-to-face visits for children in Foster Care.

This affordable mobile solution provides Caseworkers the ability to capture 500 dpi digital fingerprint scans in the field for both children and resource providers.

There are several significant factors of mobile digital fingerprint scanning that provide value for Child Welfare Agencies

  1. The ability to accurately date and time stamp in the field, a face-to-face contact between Agency Staff and Client
    – Validation of actual visits for children placed in Foster Care
    – Identification of all children who did not receive a face-to-face contact
    – Based on State and Local legislation requirements the ability to document response times for CPS Investigations that warrant removals
  2. The ability to provide the option of Agency Staff meeting a client, resource provider or family member in their own home to capture fingerprint scans
  3. An investment in re-usable data, vs. the cost per person to take the traditional ink fingerprint, that meets a legislated requirement but is a single use expense

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