Our Values

Face-to-Face Integrated Technologies Principle Values   

The Face-to-Face Team Principle Values are an organizational ideology that establishes the expectations of professional conduct for Face-to-Face team members. 

Face-to-Face Team Principle Values: Respect, Patience, Generosity, Honesty and Excellence 

We follow the first rule of Social Work – we start where our customers are at:

  • Listen First and Listen Well before offering any ideas or solutions
  • Acknowledge that the solutions to the challenges our customers face will come from their team and their community. Face-to-Face has the responsibility in facilitating the discovery and guiding the creative solutions of the client team.
  • Be conscious of the level of technical understanding of federal policy and data systems that our customers may or may not have.

We continually EXCEED our customers’ expectations by –

  • being culturally respectful
  • growing our knowledge of Child Welfare/Human Services “Best Practice and Best Process”
  • being willing to build genuine advocacy relationships

As a Company, Face-to-Face is a team of experts that –

  • Acknowledge our customer interactions and project successes build and maintain our reputation of expertise in our professional arena
  • Ensure our recommendations/solutions are in the best interests of Children, Youth, Families and Communities we serve
  • Are conscious of the fact that we are agents of change, and are blessed with opportunities for social impact
  • Recognize the critical impact of our responsibilities – we understand that actions we take and the budgets we spend will have long lasting effects on others
  • Remember our team is literally 2 or 3 handshakes away from the children and families that our policy, process, practice and technical solutions support.

As a Face-to-Face Team Member, we value and respect each team member and their contributions by –

  • Having patience with our customers, our team members and ourselves
  • Acknowledgment that excellence of Face-to-Face is the result from our collective team
  • Be willing to say “I don’t know but I will find out” to ourselves, our team and our customers
  • Being Mentors – we share our wealth of knowledge with our team members and facilitate knowledge transfer to our customers

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