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Where we navigate Process, Practice and Technology for Human Service Delivery.

Face-to-Face Integrated Technologies (F2F) consulting services launched from the premise that there is both art and science in human service delivery. The direct practice experience of Face-to-Face Staff is one of the key factors that sets us apart from other technical assistance teams. Each Face-to-Face Team member has years of cross-agency experience working in Child Welfare, Mental Health, SACWIS, Accreditation Organizations and Non-Profit agencies. When we are invited to meet with your team, we bring our working knowledge of best process and practice standards to the table.

To ensure our customers reach their goals, we combine our human service delivery practice knowledge with your knowledge of your agency practice and service delivery. Together, we will address the agency needs that you identify in process development, practice improvement, continuous quality improvement (CQI), outcome measurement definition, implementation strategy design and training.

F2FIT Signature Products

A Mobile Fingerprint Solution Scanning solution for documenting Face-to-Face visitation with clients, including reconciliation reporting so that your agency can accurately track visitation rates.

The F2FIT flagship product is a fully documented Child Welfare/Human Service Delivery Process Model that includes Intake and Ongoing Services, through Adoption and Provider Management, with a full set of standardized forms that include AFCARS, NCANDS and NYTED data elements.

Recent feedback from our Satisfaction Surveys

“This was a lot of work, but it was exactly what we needed. Thank you!”

“The documentation of our process model will have an impact on our service delivery to the community for years to come”

“Your Team knows Child Welfare, the Facilitators were Excellent.” 
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